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Performance testing example sites:

If you're just getting started with performance testing or don't have an app to run performance tests against, it's useful to have an example app to test against to help you learn. Here are a few web pages designed solely for this purpose.

1. Sample Web Tours Application shipped with Microfocus Loadrunner:

You can install the application from microfocus website by clicking here.


2. You can also install another all time favorite test application "JPetstore" locally, its built on top of MyBatis, Spring and Stripes.


3. If you dont want to go into the hassles of installing application on localhost or cloud servers, you can use the blazemeter demo site which is available over internet.


4. Install a phpbb3 discussion board in your local host. Inorder to install the phopbb discussion board you need to first install XAMPP from here and then install PHPBB3 from here.

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