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Hi All, I am testing Sap gui application using Load runner 11.52....

Discussion in 'HP Loadrunner' started by Swapnil Pabale, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Hi All, I am testing Sap gui application using Load runner 11.52. Script is working fine in vugen but its not running in controller. I am getting below errors. Action. c (57 ): Error : Failed to find SapGui component by ID "sbar" Action. c (57 ): Error : Failed to set property "Position " of SapGui component Scroll. . . Action. c (190) : Error : Failed to select active window "wnd [ 1 ]" Action. c (57 ): Error : Failed to get the status bar text Action. c (57 ): Error : Table - failed to set focus on " I have also checked all the data provided in script but it is working fine. Pls help me on this as I am getting many such errors during the load test.
  2. Make sure you have SAP gui client installed on LGs
  3. And Make sure you have the correct compatible client.
  4. Try to check the script whether the script is working fine in the lg. Make sure sap gui client is installed in the lg
  5. Its not like m getting this error continously. For e.g out of 100 txn , 60 txn getting failed bcoz of tat. Also do we need to hv same sap client installed on LG as well as on controller?
  6. SAP GUI client needs to be installed only on the machines that are running the Virtual Users, e.g. normally that would be the load generators. Also make sure you are not running to many Vusers on a single machine.
  7. Scrap the load testing
  8. Hey thk u guys issue is resolved.its problem with the version mismatch of sap gui client in LG and controller. Again thx to all u..
  9. Sreekanth Kopparthi

    Sreekanth Kopparthi New Member

    Jan 15, 2018
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    I know it is quite a old post - but i am new to Load Runner and using it for the first time.,

    I am facing the same issue when i run the scenario from controller i am getting the above mentioned error. Also getting logon balance error.

    Please let me know what would be the solution for this?


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